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Factors used to determine alimony in Tennessee

People in Tennessee work many different types of jobs. The exact job one may have can have significant consequences when it comes to divorce. Spouses may work very different types of jobs and earn varying levels of income, or only one spouse may work because the other stays home with young children. Others still may not work because of a chronic injury or illness. However, in some situations both spouses make approximately the same amount of money.

While a couple is married, it does not really matter who earns the income, but it can be a major factor if a couple ever divorces. The amount of income that a spouse earns factors into how much child support they may be required to pay. It also factors into alimony determinations, including payment amounts and duration.

However, the ultimate decision regarding alimony is determined by analyzing a number of factors, not just the amount each spouse earns. There are actually 12 factors that are analyzed to determine the alimony award in a divorce.

These factors include, but are not limited to, the earning capacity of each spouse; each spouse’s financial resources; their education levels and need for further education to allow them to earn a sufficient income; the duration of the marriage; the overall physical condition of each spouse and whether they have physical or mental disabilities; the age of the spouses; each spouse’s total assets; and the standard of living during the marriage.

When people in Tennessee divorce, the couple will have to divide their life into two separate lives. There are many decisions that will need to be made and many issues that will need to be resolved. These matters include child custody, child support, property division, and alimony. These are all complicated issues and very fact specific. Experienced attorneys understand the issues, though, and may be able to successfully guide one through the process.

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