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Why You should be Cautious On Social Media if you’re on Disability

Sources say that the federal government has been attempting to use social media in order to find people who have been fraudulently receiving disability payments. As such, it might be wise to ensure that your Social media profiles on websites such on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are consistent with your disability status. The United States

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Don’t Forget To Talk About College Planning For Children During A Divorce

College Planning For Children During A Divorce Are you getting divorced? Don’t forget to talk about and plan for how you will pay for your children’s college. You can learn more @ www.cnbc.com (CLICK KERE) Divorce and remarrying can have an impact on financial aid eligibility, and some schools will require financial information from both

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Why You Should Never Make Your Children Choose Their Parental Visitation Schedule

When deciding on parental visitation, parents should leave their children out of the conversation – you can learn more HERE! There are many reasons to keep children out of this decision making process assuming we are not discussing a situation with domestic violence or mental or emotional abuse allegations. Additionally, mental health professionals agree that getting

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Will I go to jail for not paying my taxes?

Tax season is almost no one’s idea of a good time. This particular time of the year has the relatively unique quality of imparting extreme frustration and stress over the relatively innocuous task of filing some paperwork. Even more than that, however, is the fear that if mistakes are made, the consequences could be disastrous.

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