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How are Extracurricular Activities for minor children dealt with in a divorce or custody proceeding?

The most common example we see is that decision making for extracurricular activities is designated as “joint.” This means that both parents must agree and consent to the child(ren) participating in an activity. If one parent does not want the child to participate, then the child cannot participate unless or until an agreement is reached

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What Are Some Common Parenting Plan Schedules In Tennessee

We very commonly see parenting plan schedules that are week-on, week-off, meaning the parents exchange the child/ren once per week, often on a Friday after school. An alternative to this weekly schedule is what attorneys refer to as a “2/2/3” schedule, which means that the parents alternate Friday through Monday morning (weekends), and then one

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What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is an informal settlement conference used in divorce and custody cases to help resolve disputes outside of the court. Both parties are present with their attorneys, but they are in separate rooms. A third-party, neutral mediator (normally an attorney) goes back and forth between the rooms to help facilitate a settlement. A mediation can

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How Does Work Alimony in Tennessee?

The Types of Alimony There are four types of Alimony in Tennessee. Rehabilitative alimony is favored by statute and is intended to rehabilitate the economically disadvantaged spouse so that the spouse can re-enter or move up in the workforce. Transitional alimony is paid for a specific period of time and is intended to transition the

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What is the Contested Divorce Process

Step 1: Hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will draft a Complaint for Divorce, Notice of Injunction, and Summons. If applicable, they may also draft and file: Proposed Temporary Parenting Plan, Motion for Temporary Alimony/Child Support, Motion for Attorneys Fees, or any other applicable restraining orders or injunctions. Step 2: You meet with your lawyer, review

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What is the Agreed Divorce Process in Tennessee?

Step 1: Talk to your spouse about the possibility of divorce and whether an agreement can be reached on asset & debt allocation and co- parenting. Step 2: A Lawyer drafts your financial settlement agreement called a Marital Dissolution Agreement, a Parenting Plan (with accompanying Child Support Worksheet), Final Decree (the actual document that the

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