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Divorce & Child Custody Battles Increase During COVID 19 In Tennessee

Couples filing for divorce has risen during the COVID 19 pandemic due to the increased strain on their marriages. You can learn more HERE. Oten times divorce will lead to child custody hearings. Tennessee recently changed its custody laws. Parents already sharing custody have run into the matter of co-parenting during the COVID 19 pandemic.

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Child Custody & Visitation During COVID-19 In Tennessee

Child Custody & Visitation During COVID-19 In Tennessee Tennessee’s schools are closed for the remainder of the academic school year. Additionally, the courts are closed to in-person hearings with a few exceptions. Many businesses remain closed and everyone is struggling so far in 2020. Families are also trying to adjust their schedules as many people

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Can I Collect Social Security Benefits From My Ex-Spouse?

Can I Receive Social Security Benefits From My Ex-Spouse After Divorce? In some circumstances, the answer is YES! Per the Social Security Administration – If you are divorced, but your marriage lasted 10 years or longer, YOU CAN receive benefits on your ex-spouse’s record (even if they have remarried) if: You are unmarried You are

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Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program

This confidentiality program is designed to assist victims of domestic violence, stalking, human trafficking, and sexual assault offenses. You can learn more @ https://sos-tn-gov-files.tnsosfiles.com/forms/415626_Safe%20at%20Home%20Program%20Overview.vFINAL_0.pdf?HcekVd3Kn2bGhZ6Iofl.tcNPUnRtkXFn This program is open to all victims of domestic abuse, stalking, human trafficking, rape, sexual battery, or any other sexual offense who satisfy eligibility and application requirments at no cost.

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Attorney Selected for America’s Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys 2020

Attorney Norman D. McKellar has been selected again for America’s Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys for 2020! He had previously been selected for this award in 2018 and 2019. The award honors the achievements of the of the Top 100 White-Collar and General Criminal Defense Attorneys in each state. You can learn more @ https://www.top100criminaldefenseattorneys.com/ .

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Legal Separation & Divorce

Learn about legal separation agreements and how they effect divorce. Tennessee Code allows as an alternative to divorce – parties may enter into a legal separation agreement. You can read about some of the pros and cons of legal separation HERE @ The Tennessee Bar Association. Get Help Today There is a lot at stake

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