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Common reasons for denial of a social security disability claim

People in Tennessee injure themselves every day. Such injuries may be minor, such as a bruise or a small cut that requires minimum medical attention, or it can be much more serious and require professional medical attention. This is also true for illnesses and diseases. Some people can get over certain illnesses relatively quickly, but others require medical treatment.

Sometimes medical treatment can only do so much, though, and a person could be dealing with the injury or illness for a very long time. In these situations, it can be very difficult on the person as well as their family, especially if they are unable to work while dealing with the injury or illness. Trying to figure out how to pay the bills while not earning an income can be very difficult.

These individuals may be able to receive social security disability benefits (SSDI). The person needs to apply and meet certain requirements in order to be eligible, though. However, the application process is not simple, and many claimants are denied on their initial application.

There are many reasons for a claim denial, but some reasons are more common than others. One common reason for denial is that the disability is based on a drug or alcohol addiction. Another common reason for denial is that the claimant, despite his or her condition, still earns too much money to qualify for SSD. People are also rejected because they are not injured for more than a year or they did not follow the recommendations of their doctors. Other reasons for claim denial have to do with the application itself, such as not providing adequate medical records, not following directions, or the SSA not being able to contact the claimant.

While many people in Tennessee may initially be rejected when they apply for SSDI benefits, there is an appeals process through which benefits can still be obtained. As noted above, it is also important to provide the correct documentation and fill out the application properly. Experienced attorneys understand the entirety of the SSD process, which means they may be able to successfully guide one through it.

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