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Divorce & Business Valuation / Distribution

Divorce and Business Valuation / Distribution

Choosing to divorce and separate ways? Ensure you get a fair share of the business and other assets. When those assets include a business, these issues become even more complex. Determining the value of a business can be very difficult particularly when a business is owned jointly by another party or multiple parties. We are experienced in handling divorces that involve complex business valuations.

Business valuation and distribution is an important aspect when two partners decide to separate ways. Whether you own the business or are spouse of the owner, you should know what’s involved.

Our attorneys protect your financial rights, ensuring that all assets and debts are divided fairly.

Just like real estate, retirement accounts and other assets, businesses value is also divided between the two parties. You can seek your share whether you worked at home or managed the business as a partner.

Business Valuation in Property Division

In a divorce, all assets that are considered marital property are subject to equitable distribution. If you start a business during your marriage or if your business increases in value in part due to the efforts of your spouse during your marriage (i.e. providing child care so that you can run the business), some or all of the value of the business may be divided in a divorce.

In order to determine an equitable distribution of a business, the business must first be appraised. We are experienced in working with financial professionals to determine how much a business is worth. Appraising a business requires more than just looking at the books and crunching the numbers. The future earning potential of the business must also be considered. It’s important to choose an attorney who understands how business valuation works and can fight for your rights to business assets.

If you are planning on filing for divorce or your spouse has already filed for divorce contact us today to schedule a consultation.  Our law firm is skilled in handling divorces that involve business valuations as well as high-asset divorces.  We are strong advocates for our clients’ rights and strive to make the divorce process as smooth and painless as possible.

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