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What is a default in a Tennessee Divorce?

A default is a type of Motion that is scheduled with the Court. A default can only occur after a spouse has been served with divorce papers, and after at least 30 days have lapsed, they have not filed a formal Answer with the Clerk. A motion for default has to be filed and the spouse served with a notice of the date it will be heard. At that hearing, the Court can either give the non-responsive spouse additional time upon request, or, alternatively, can finalize the divorce including dividing property (after 60 days) and entering a parenting plan (after 90 days). This is a scenario to be avoided, as the default will likely only benefit the moving party. A default judgment can divide assets and debts, transfer property, and result in attorneys fees being incurred. The easiest and best way to avoid a default is to hire a divorce attorney who can file the appropriate paperwork to prevent this from happening.

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