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How are Extracurricular Activities for minor children dealt with in a divorce or custody proceeding?

The most common example we see is that decision making for extracurricular activities is designated as “joint.” This means that both parents must agree and consent to the child(ren) participating in an activity. If one parent does not want the child to participate, then the child cannot participate unless or until an agreement is reached (sometimes requiring mediation) or a court order is obtained. Joint decision making also means that both parents must agree on how to divide the cost of the activity. For example, one parent may consent to the child participating, but may not be able to contribute to the cost. That means the other parent has to choose to either pay the entire cost, or not have the child participate. Occasionally, one parent may be vested with sole decision-making authority, and in that case, that parent may choose to enroll the child without the other parent’s agreement. However, this is rare, and often also involves that parent paying all the costs and providing all of the transportation for that activity.

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