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What Are Some Common Parenting Plan Schedules In Tennessee

We very commonly see parenting plan schedules that are week-on, week-off, meaning the parents exchange the child/ren once per week, often on a Friday after school. An alternative to this weekly schedule is what attorneys refer to as a “2/2/3” schedule, which means that the parents alternate Friday through Monday morning (weekends), and then one parent has Monday and Tuesday overnights, and the other parent has Wednesday and Thursday overnights. A common schedule that is not equal may be that one parent has Thursday overnight in Week 1  and then Thursday after school through Monday morning in Week 2, which would be five out of every fourteen days, or 130 days per year, before holidays are added in. Most of them time, lawyers and judges strive to accommodate parent’s work schedules when building parenting plans, so these are not necessarily the only options.

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