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What to Do When Criminals Get Away-Safety First!

In light of recent events in Crossville, Tennessee, it’s a good idea to know what to do when the police are searching for an armed criminal.

If you are in the near vicinity of a criminal on the run, go in your house and lock your doors and windows. Do not allow your children outside and keep them away from the windows. If you have to be outside, stay alert for anything out of the ordinary. Should you see anything or anyone suspicious, call your local police department and report it.

If you are not in the near vicinity of the original crime but are in the same general area, such as residing in the same city but not the same neighborhood, stay out of the afflicted area and check on the status of the chase to make sure it isn’t moving your way. If it is, do the same as above.

The most important thing to remember during the situation of a criminal on the run is to stay safe and use common sense, and if you have any information on the criminal’s activity, report it to the police. Criminals on the run are dangerous and may attempt to take your vehicle, break into your house, and may even harm you or your family. Keep safe, and be smart!

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