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What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is an informal settlement conference used in divorce and custody cases to help resolve disputes outside of the court. Both parties are present with their attorneys, but they are in separate rooms. A third-party, neutral mediator (normally an attorney) goes back and forth between the rooms to help facilitate a settlement. A mediation can result in a full settlement of all issues, or resolution of temporary issues or some but not all contested items. Mediation can be more productive and efficient than setting hearings or going to trial. All divorces or parenting plan modifications in Tennessee must go to mediation before having a final trial. Mediation also allows for parties to sometimes be more flexible or creative in solving problems or finding solutions. Parties in a mediation are not required to agree, meaning that there is no downside to mediation. The mediator is also not a judge and therefore cannot unilaterally decide on issues or require the parties to take any action. However, mediation is usually very successful in resolving some if not all outstanding controversies in a case.

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