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Should you consider collaborating on your divorce?

Divorce is difficult for every member of the family, and many couples strive to reduce the challenges and conflicts typically involved with this process. There are many practical ways to make divorce easier, and that is to avoid litigation. Collaborative divorce could be an option for some Tennessee couples who want a better way to walk through this process.

Collaborative divorce is not the ideal choice for everyone, but it could be the right option for you if you want to maintain more control over the terms of your final order and keep your divorce out of court. This is an attractive option, but it is prudent to first carefully weigh the benefits and implications of every major divorce-related decision you make.

What does collaboration mean for my divorce?

As the name suggests, collaborative divorce allows the two opposing parties to collaborate on the terms of the final order in a non-adversarial manner. Couples can solve problems in a respectful and productive way, eventually leading to a workable and sustainable final order. Collaborative divorce employs mediation, thoughtful negotiations and other means to reach a resolution.

There are many reasons why a couple would prefer this choice over another type of divorce. Some of the benefits of collaborative divorce include the following:

  • It is less stressful and less formal that the litigation process.
  • It can take less time to complete than other types of divorce.
  • Because it takes less time, it is often a less expensive way to end a marriage.
  • The couples works together to decide how to settle disputes going forward.
  • It can provide both parties with more control over the details of the final agreement.

You may not want to leave the details of your final divorce order up to a court that does not know you and your family. This is a way by which you can craft a plan that specifically works for your unique family.

Protecting your rights in a collaborative divorce

A collaborative divorce may not be adversarial, but that does not mean that it is not an important and potentially life-altering process. You still have to work diligently to protect your interests and seek a final order that is fair and allows you to have a strong and stable post-divorce future.

Collaboration is beneficial in many situations, but the path that is right for you depends on your specific needs and the details of your individual situation.

There is a lot at stake with a divorce, don’t make the mistake of trying to handle it on your own. Schedule a free initial telephone consultation with a skilled Knoxville, TN divorce attorney at Easter & DeVore, Attorneys at Law, to discuss your situation and your options.

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