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“Queen of Tax Fraud” Begins 21-year Prison Sentence

Tennessee criminal defense attorneys will rarely have clients as outspoken as self-proclaimed “queen” of tax refund fraud Rashia Wilson. Wilson was sentenced earlier this week to 21 years in federal prison for tax fraud, aggravated identity theft, and weapons charges.

Wilson, a 27-year-old resident of Tampa, Florida, admitted to stealing in excess of $3 million by using stolen social security numbers to file fraudulent tax returns. Wilson is suspected of taking nearly $20 million in total due to the tax refund scheme in which she was engaged. Wilson used the money on a variety of items, including throwing a $30,000 birthday party for her 1-year-old.
Prior to her arrest, Wilson taunted the Government by posting items to her Facebook account, including these gems:

Wilson’s predictions about the difficulty in indicting her and about not serving time ended up being as spot on as her spelling. Wilson was singing a different tune at her sentencing hearing and asked the judge to “please don’t take me away from my children by sending me to prison for a long time.” “That would be something you should have considered…that you didn’t want to be taken away from your children,” the judge replied.

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