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Man and woman from Tennessee charged with multiple drug offenses

There are many drug users in Tennessee. Many of these individuals do so legally, though, because they are prescribed medications by a doctor in order to help with certain conditions or to manage pain. However, there are many others who use drugs, even prescription medication, illegally. If people are caught either possessing these drugs or selling them, they can face serious drug charges.

This recently occurred to a man and woman after police executed a search warrant at their home. The police allegedly found pills that appeared to be oxycodone, as well as a small amount of marijuana in one of the individual’s cars. The police also allegedly found a scale and a pipe in a juvenile’s room. The police stated that in addition to finding the drugs and paraphernalia, they found text messages indicating drug sales.

These people face significant penalties if they are in fact convicted of these crimes. However, accused individuals, like anyone else charged with drug-related crimes, are innocent until proven guilty, which means that there may be defenses available to them. Many times these defenses start with whether the police properly searched the person or properly, and whether they seized the drugs and other evidence in a legal fashion. People have rights protecting them from unlawful searches and seizures, so when the police violate the rules, the evidence that has been illegally gathered may be suppressed.

If convicted of drug offenses, people could face significant penalties, including jail time, depending on the circumstances. These penalties only occur when people are convicted, though, which does not occur until it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they are in fact guilty. Experienced attorneys understand people’s rights as they relate to criminal law and may be able to help protect them.

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