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Cocke County Attorney Arrested at County Event

Attorney Charlotte Leibrok of Newport was arrested at an outdoor event in Cocke County on Saturday, July 26, and racked up multiple charges including public intoxication, possession of a handgun while inebriated, unlawful carrying and possession of a handgun, and for resisting arrest-all following the original charge of disorderly conduct

Leibrok had been attending the Popcorn Sutton Memorial Jam, a festival devoted to remembering the Tennessee moonshine man, Popcorn Sutton. While at the event, Leibrok decided to clamber onstage and announce, “Soleman Sutton” to the crowd before an officer was able to grab her. Afterward, she was taken out of the event.

Police stated that once Leibrok was in custody, they discovered a loaded revolver in her front pants pocket. Leibrok’s handgun permit was no longer valid as of August 2014.

Law enforcement used classic tell-tale signs to hammer down their charge of public intoxication, citing that Leibrok was unsteady, slurred her words, and smelled of alcohol.

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