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Can one receive back pay for social security disability?

No one in Knoxville likes to get injured or sick. It is not a fun experience and often times it prohibits one from doing the things they are used to doing for at least a period of time. However, sometimes injuries and illnesses can be chronic or cause permanent damage. If that is the case, then the person may never be able to do some things ever again. This includes working, which can be very detrimental for both the person and their family.

People in this situation may be able to apply for and receive Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income, which are disability benefits, so they can at least continue to pay their bills while unable to work. There are a number of requirements that must be met first and the approval process can take some time to complete after the person first applies. Also, the person’s injury or illness may start months before the person actually applies for benefits.

People who apply for SSDI may be able to receive back pay to help offset the period of time between the injury occurring and the time they start to receive their regular disability benefits. The person may be able to receive up to 12 months of back pay prior to applying for the benefits, if the injury first occurred at least 17 months prior to applying.

There is a five month waiting period between the time when the injury occurred and when a person can start receiving benefits. Essentially the first five months a person could be eligible can basically be kept by the government. The person could also receive any benefits owed from the time they applied to the time they were approved, which can take many months in some cases.

Many people in Knoxville have chronic illnesses and disabling injuries. These people may be able to receive SSDI or SSI to help them pay their bills, if they are unable to work. They may also be entitled to back pay for some of the months between the injury and the application. The process can be complicated though and sometimes it involves multiple appeals. It is important to understand the law in this area to ensure one receives their benefits.

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