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Basic requirements to be deemed “disabled” for SSDI

There are many reasons why some Tennesseans are not working. Sometimes it is a voluntary choice not to work. Other times it is not. A person may be involuntarily out of work for a variety of reasons, but one of the main reasons is because the person is injured or has an illness that renders him or her unable to work. This can be particularly difficult because not only is the individual dealing with the pain and other side effects of the injury or illness, but he or she is unable to earn an income and may be dealing with financial difficulties that accompany unemployment and treatment of a medical condition.

People who find themselves in this unfortunate position may be able to receive some financial help through Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI). However, not everyone who is unable to work due to a physical impairment is entitled to receive these benefits. The individual must meet certain criteria. The most important of which is that the disability must meet the requirements of a disability.

In order to be considered disabled for the purposes of SSDI, a claimant must first no longer be able to do the work he or she used to do. If the person can no longer do the same work because of the disability, the next requirement is that he or she is unable to perform any other type of work. In making this determination, the Social Security Administration will analyze the person’s education, work history, skills, and other characteristics to determine if the claimant is able to perform other work. It is not based solely on whether the person can physically perform the job tasks. Finally, the disability must be determined to last for at least one year. Short-term disabilities do not meet this criteria.

Many people are injured each year or are diagnosed with debilitating illnesses. These disabilities can prevent people from being able to work, which can make life very difficult. These individuals may be eligible for SSDI benefits to at least ease the financial burdens associated with their condition, but first they must meet certain federal requirements. SSDI determinations can be very complicated matters, though, which is why it is advisable to discuss such matters with consult an experienced attorney.

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