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5 Things You Need to Know Before Meeting a Divorce Attorney in Knoxville TN

Knoxville is a progressive and rapidly growing city in Tennessee with the perfect balance of work and life. The city offers several amenities to help residents get by and houses some of nature’s most beautiful reserves for peace away from the hustle and bustle. With all this said, beautiful sights and attractions will not always heal a bitter mood or a relationship on the brink of falling apart. As sad as it may be, there may come a time when some relationships reach their end.

Going through a divorce is not easy, and it will likely come with a rollercoaster of emotions like you have never experienced before. Transitioning into major life changes has always been a challenge, and with a divorce agreement, change will be inevitable. Without proper guidance, you may feel lost and unsure of how to navigate these changes or come up with an agreement for both parties. You may also have many unanswered questions running through your head as you slowly come to terms with the situation. Given all these challenges, finding a Knoxville divorce attorney may make the process more manageable.

Divorce cases may occur differently for every couple. In some cases, you may be able to come up with a resolution before the legal process begins, while in other cases, you may still have some unresolved issues. Whatever your situation may be, the first step will be to find a divorce attorney Knoxville, TN who can help you go through your legal options and plan the changes in responsibilities that may result from the divorce. Once you find an experienced and competent lawyer to represent your case, you will need to schedule your first meeting to discuss important details.

Though the divorce process can be stressful, you do not have to worry about this when talking to your attorney. Your first meeting should be a safe space and an opportunity for your lawyer to know more about your case, so he or she can give you the most assistance.

Honesty is Key 

It is understandable for you to be apprehensive about sharing personal stories and details to others, but being honest with your attorney is important to ensure that he or she can help you in the best way possible. In Knoxville, experienced divorce lawyers are well-acquainted with the divorce laws in Tennessee and have dealt with many different cases. Thus, you can be assured that they have heard all kinds of stories and experiences, some of which may be similar to your case. Being open and honest may not be the easiest thing to do, but it will also be pivotal in building trust between you and your lawyer.

Ultimately, leaving out important details may only prove to be detrimental to your case. If you withhold information during your meeting, your attorney may learn about this from another source, such as your spouse’s lawyer. At the same time, your attorney can only prepare the strongest case if you make sure to tell him or her everything. This way, they will also be aware of any possible “surprise” information that would have caught them off-guard if they had not known about it.

Being Prepared Can Hasten the Procedure

 Finances will likely be one of your biggest concerns about the divorce, so if possible, start gathering financial documents as early as possible. Your attorney can assist you in procuring these documents after your consultation, but it will still be helpful to bring what you can in your first meeting. Look for credit card statements, bank account information, retirement plan statements, and other similar records. Make photocopies of your tax returns from the past two or three years, a list of your monthly living expenses and assets with significant value. Regardless of whether you have joint accounts or accounts under one name, gather all the documents you can since distribution laws will vary per state.

Other than gathering financial documents, you should also prepare biographical information and a marriage narrative. The latter will help your attorney understand the issues that you anticipate with the divorce. It will include details about you and your spouse, your relationship history, marital problems, and other pertinent information that will explain the reason for the divorce. Before meeting your attorney, you may be thinking: how long does a divorce take in Tennessee or how long does an uncontested divorce take in Tennessee? The answer to this question can vary significantly, but if you come prepared, you can certainly finalize the process much quicker.

Write Down Questions to Avoid Forgetting Them 

Before meeting with your divorce attorney, it will already be a good idea to start listing down the questions you may have. With so many possible questions on your mind, it will be easy to forget them when you sit down to talk with your lawyer, so make sure to write them down. The first big question you likely have on your mind is how to file for a divorce in Tennessee or how to get a divorce in tn. Rest assured, your attorney will give you a run-down of your options after hearing your case and provide recommendations on the best course of action.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Divorce cases come with lots of uncertainty for couples, so it is natural for you to have worries and concerns about the changes that will come with the process. Questions concerning child support and custody, payment of the mortgage, and ownership of bank accounts are only some of the top concerns that are commonly asked in the first meeting. Divorce attorneys understand the emotional baggage that comes with this major decision, so you can be assured that they will be open to hearing and answering any questions you may have to give you more peace of mind.

You Can Be Yourself

It can be difficult to feel relaxed or composed when going through heightened emotions from a divorce, but one thing to remember is that you can be yourself in front of your attorney. Lawyers who specialize in family law, particularly in divorce cases, understand the emotions associated with a divorce and know how to make their clients feel comfortable. Many family lawyers are also well-acquainted with psychologists and therapists to help clients who may want counseling. Thus, know that you can be yourself and express whatever emotions you may have while discussing with them.

Though your lawyer will lead your initial meeting with questions to help understand the case, you should not feel restricted in voicing your concerns. For example, one of your worries may be: how much is a divorce in Tennessee? If this has bothered you, do not hesitate to bring it up as your attorney can help you get in touch with financial planners who can advise you on this matter. In reality, divorce attorneys usually work with a large network of professionals who help with all the divorce-related concerns and matters. Thus, you can be assured that the right person is addressing your needs.

Map Out Scenarios to Know Your Plans

Divorce will inevitably come with change, and before the process is finalized, you will have many questions about them. Though you cannot be certain about how these changes will pan out, you can try to organize your thoughts and think about the possible arrangements that will be needed. For example, if you have children, you will need to think about how you and your spouse work together to come up with a schedule that will work best for your kids. It can be challenging to predict how your children will be affected by this change before it happens, but try to think of possible scenarios so you know how to address them.

Aside from your children’s living arrangements, finances will also be one of the most significant changes in your life. Do you have any home or property to live in, and will you have a stable source of income after the divorce? What savings have you accumulated over the years? Living separately will require you to become financially dependent, so you have to prepare yourself for the financial priorities you may have after the divorce is finalized.

Mapping out the possible changes may help you develop plans to adjust to your new life after the divorce. However, it is nearly impossible to predict how things will happen, so these plans will merely be tentative. At most, they will help you manage your expectations about what will happen after the divorce, and help you be more prepared for your lawyer’s questions.

There is no easy way to go through the divorce process, but having a competent attorney to help you through each step can lessen your stress and anxiety. Working with the right lawyer will take a major burden off your shoulder and ensure that the entire procedure goes smoothly. That said, being prepared for your meeting will also be important, as your cooperation and contribution will ultimately be pivotal to finalizing the divorce.

There is a lot at stake with a divorce, don’t make the mistake of trying to handle a divorce on your own. Schedule a free initial telephone consultation with the skilled top Knoxville divorce lawyer at Easter & DeVore, Attorneys at Law, to discuss your situation and your options.

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