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Suffering a traumatic brain injury can completely change a life

There are many different ways in which Tennesseans can be injured. Sometimes injuries are suffered due to one’s own fault, but in many other situations other people are responsible for causing the injury in question. This could be because another driver hit the victim’s car after running a red light, or a property owner failed

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There are many motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk drivers

As the holidays approach, there are many different parties that people in Tennessee attend. There are parties with friends and families, work parties, parties for charitable organizations and other groups. These are usually festive occasions where there is plenty of food and in many instances alcohol. People tend to consume alcohol at these types of

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When is a store owner liable for a slip and fall injury?

People go onto other people’s property in Tennessee every day. Sometimes the person is explicitly invited onto the property, such as a friend or family member’s home, sometimes they enter onto property without permission and other times there is an implicit invitation onto the property. The main places that the people have implicit invitations to

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