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State lawmakers lower felony expunction fee

The unfortunate reality for many men and women released from prison is that despite paying their debt to society and their commitment to getting their lives back on track, the road ahead does not always prove to be particularly easy or even particularly fair.

This is perhaps no more apparent than when they seek to land a job, as they'll be required to check the box indicating a criminal record, an automatic rejection for many employers. As frustrating as this can prove to be, it can be even more so when the key to removing this obstacle -- expungement -- can't be secured owing to its steep price tag.

Could someone file a claim of bankruptcy fraud against you?

Though you may believe that an act you carry out has no criminal implications, someone could potentially try to make a harmless situation more difficult for you. For instance, if you struggle with considerable debt and file for bankruptcy, another person could possible attempt to have you investigated for bankruptcy fraud. This type of fraud can come with serious charges and consequences, and if you end up in such a situation, you may feel caught completely off guard.

Though bankruptcy fraud can be difficult to prove, the possibility does exist that if suspicions get aroused, you could land in hot water. Therefore, you may wish to understand how someone could go about making such an accusation and how you should handle any allegations.

What happens when the SSA requests a special medical examination? -- II

Last time, we began discussing how even though the lengthy wait for Social Security disability benefits can prove frustrating given the gravity of an underlying medical condition, applicants must nevertheless be patient and also be prepared for what might seem like administrative obstacles.

To that end, we started exploring the special medical examination, which can be requested by the Tennessee Disability Determination Services if an official there determines that further medical information is required to decide whether you fit the Social Security Administration's definition of disabled. We'll conclude this important discussion in today's post.

What happens when the SSA requests a special medical examination?

As we've made clear in previous posts, anyone seeking to secure Social Security disability benefits should know from the outset that they could be in for a long wait, as the process can take months or even years.

Given this reality, it's understandable how an applicant who recently completed the lengthy -- and arduous -- process of filing their initial application for disability benefits could find it frustrating to receive a letter asking for a special medical examination. Indeed, this may very well seem like yet another hurdle to overcome during already trying times.

Report calls I-40 the second most dangerous highway in the nation

While the final numbers for 2017's Memorial Day weekend travel have yet to be tallied, AAA was projecting that close to 39.3 million people would be traveling 50-plus miles over the three-day weekend with an astounding 88 percent making their way by motor vehicle.

Those who made such roads trips here in Tennessee might have utilized back roads or shortcuts, but the vast majority undoubtedly jumped on the interstate, including, of course, I-40. However, those who did so -- or who take this thoroughfare every day -- might think twice about making this their preferred route thanks to a recent report.

A short primer on Tennessee divorce

After making the monumental decision to pursue a divorce, most spouses want to move forward as quickly as possible, eager to start a new chapter in their lives. While this is certainly understandable, what about those spouses for whom the decision about divorce isn't quite so clear?

Indeed, many spouses may feel reluctant to move ahead with a divorce not because of any emotional conflict, but rather because they know so little about the process and everything it entails. In other words, their unawareness of how the law works in this area might cause them to doubt whether it's a viable option. 

Don't let your in-store injury leave you hurting financially

Many Tennessee residents visit retail locations several times throughout the week, if not daily. No one expects to get injured while visiting a store. Unfortunately, it does happen more often than some would like to think. If you have suffered an in-store injury, do not let it hurt you physically and financially. Under the right circumstances, you may seek compensation for your losses.

If you suffer an injury while visiting a place of business, who is responsible? At the end of the day, it all will come down to the details of the event.

Federal government will no longer confiscate tax refunds to cover old SSA debt

Anyone who has gone through the traumatic experience of losing a parent knows that the mourning process can take awhile and that the sadness will linger for some time. Indeed, the emotions are so strong that it can still prove jarring and even frustrating to receive some type of mail addressed to a parent years after their passing.

As maddening as this scenario can be, consider how much more exasperating it can become when you receive a notice from a creditor indicating that your deceased parent owes money for a debt incurred long ago that you never even knew existed. 

Tennessee lawmakers advance legislation overhauling sexting laws

If you were to ask the average middle school or high school student to show you what was in their pockets, chances are very good that in addition to such staples as gum, tissues and lip balm, the majority would also pull out a smartphone.

While the reality that most minors now own smartphones isn't really that surprising when you consider the overall utility of the devices, some of the ways in which minors are using their phone are. Indeed, as we discussed in a prior post, statistics show as many as 40 percent of U.S. teens have either received or sent sexually suggestive photos or videos, a phenomenon known as "sexting."

Financial infidelity and its toll on your marriage

Frank and frequent money discussions are often the saving grace of many marriages. Partners who can discuss their finances, debts and goals may be more likely to work together when problems arise and less likely to mistrust and blame each other for financial crises.

However, keeping money secrets from a spouse, known as financial infidelity, is apparently common in most marriages. While it may be natural to make a small purchase or treat yourself to lunch, marriage counselors say that making significant financial decisions without the knowledge or approval of your partner can be a sign of trouble in the marriage.

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