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Tax Review & Testimonials

“The attention that Mr. McKellar gave to myself and my ‘situation’ was amazing! He made it clear that he genuinely wanted to help me determine what is in my best interest and made sure that I understood all of my options and what they entailed. Not only is Mr. McKellar an extremely knowledgeable and intelligent lawyer, he is a genuinely good man. Amazing!”

“Mr. McKellar represented me in a tax case. He is extremely knowledgable and explained very complicated IRS information to me in a way that I could understand. He was able to resolve my tax debt for a fraction of what the IRS said I owed.”

“Norman’s work and understanding of how to achieve great results for us was not only impressive but also much better than what others had promised but failed to achieve. Don’t believe everything advertised on TV. Norman’s work on our behalf was the real deal.”

“The recession has affected so many small businesses and mine was one of the many. I needed help in negotiating with the IRS so I could get a reasonable tax settlement. Norm McKellar was able to get my “offer in compromise” accepted. Now I can focus on building my business and stop worrying about my old tax debt. I can’t recommend Norm highly enough!”

“A few months ago I had a problem with the IRS. A friend recommended Norman McKellar. I am so thankful that he did. I have dealt with a few attorneys in the past, and I was apprehensive about dealing with another one. From the minute I walked into his office I was impressed with his caring manner and knowledge. He treated me with respect and made me feel that together we could handle this problem. I believe I have found the best attorney in Knoxville and I would never hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He answered all of my phone calls and all of my questions, no matter how stupid they may have been. He is an honest attorney and always put my needs first. I know I took up a lot of his time, but he never complained. I could go on and on, but to sum it up if you ever have a tax problem, he is the attorney you want on your side.”

“As a seasoned physician, I know what it takes to be amongst the best at what you do, and Norm McKellar has it all. Unfortunately, I’ve previously required legal assistance a few times in the past, but Norm distinguished himself.and raised the bar on all points. If and when I need new counsel, I will again retain him without hesitation.”

“Finding myself in a situation I never thought I would be in; I am so thankful to have Norm and his team on my side. He counseled me as to what the law states and what my options were. I have been treated with care and respect, and I fully trust Norm in his ability and knowledge to best represent my interest. Norm does not come to work to be seen, he comes to work to obtain the best possible outcomes for his clients. For anyone finding themselves with a need to obtain counsel I whole-heartedly recommend Norman D. McKellar and The McKellar Law Firm.”

“Norman did a very good job representing me and was able to negotiate a very favorable outcome for me. Offered me very good counsel and enabled me to have a voice in the decision of the direction of the case. Was very straight forward and honest and did not sugar coat things or pressure me to go forward with something I was uncomfortable with. It was a pleasure to work with Mr. McKellar.”

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