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Family Law Testimonials

“I was very impressed with Sarah and also with everyone in the office that I came into contact with. I want to point out that it makes a big difference when you are dealing with an unpleasant personal situation to have pleasant and helpful staff in the office. I contacted their office several times, and no one ever made me feel like I was an inconvenience. I was always made to feel that my time was also valuable and my concern or issue was valid and worthy of their attention.

From Sarah, I received personable and caring advice, and she was quite patient with my many, many questions. There was never a question she couldn’t answer and the advice was always accurate and reassuring. I was kept fully informed and knew exactly what to expect throughout the process which of course was a great comfort to me.

Unfortunately, I have worked with lawyers in the past that are largely unavailable (once they are paid) or who rush you through any conversation you have with them. Although Sarah is experienced and has won several awards, she was never too important to take a call or respond to an e-mail. I never felt rushed and I know she gave my case the attention it needed until its conclusion. I could not have asked for a better result with my case.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah Easter and her firm. They are professional and truly there to help their clients.”

“Sarah Easter represented me during in a legal situation that could be uncomfortable, and contentious. Due to her extreme professionalism, preparedness, and open communication my situation was resolved quickly, and in a very civil manner. I have already recommended Sarah Easter to a family member and would recommend her to any friend, or family member needing exemplary legal assistance.”

“Sarah Easter is one of the best Attorneys that I have worked with. She is methodical in her approach and does not waste time or money. A divorce is an emotional time, and some attorneys may use this as an opportunity to really run up the tab, but not Sarah. She is calm, professional and only does what is needed to be done, but is very thorough in doing what is needed. She was very straight forward with me, which I like, and very honest. Although as a client I may only want to hear the good stuff, the reality is that not all news is good, and I appreciate someone that is honest and straight with me.
It is very rare that you can walk away from an experience such as a divorce and feel good that someone cared enough to always do what was in your best interest and that every penny was spent wisely. To me, there is no better example of that than Sarah. I’m sure there are other very good Attorneys out there, but I would not recommend anyone other than Sarah Easter”

“If you are looking for an attorney who will truly listen and understand both you and your case, do not hesitate in contacting Sarah C. Easter. I can say, without doubt or reservation, that I would have more than likely have made different (and in some instances, very self-defeating) decisions in the absence of her knowledge and guidance. Moreover, Ms. Easter and her entire support team helped to preserve my sanity and helped me avoid feeling alone throughout a process that can be as emotionally jarring and alienating as it is liberating.”

“Ms Easter helped me with a family issue that was quite complicated. Not only was she worth more than my legal fees; she was more concerned about my outcome than running up my legal fees. I made great choices because of her advice and she got me on the right track. She was a true advocate for me and got done what needed to be done without a lot of Extra Fees . They say you get what you pay for; well that is certainly true with Ms. Easter she is GREAT; but better yet, she gives you a lot more than someone would expect!! A true ADVOCATE for you at a time you need it.”

“Sarah is the calm during your personal storm! Sarah was great to work with during my divorce process. She was quick to answer questions and always made me feel at ease. She understands how raw your emotions are during a life-changing event such as a divorce. She was prompt in preparing my documents and corresponding with me if I needed changes. She is patient and non-judgmental of your situation, and most importantly, completely competent. In fact, I referred a friend to her even before my divorce was finalized. With all the negativity surrounding a divorce, it was a welcomed positive experience working with Sarah.”

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