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Criminal Defense Testimonials

“While none of us are in control of what other adult family members do, you can still be held responsible for others actions. In the State of Tennessee, you are guilty until proven innocent. I had never had any violation in all of my 49 years. Yet, here I was standing accused. As we all want the best for ourselves, research was the answer. I found Attorney, Norman McKellar. Upon our meeting, Attorney McKellar was in complete control. Attorney McKellar showed me respect and helped me to regain confidence again within myself and the legal system. Attorney McKellar took control of the situation and at the end, all of my charges were expunged off of my record. Believe in the old cliche’s “You really do get what you pay for – for it was money well spent.” So, if you need an outstanding criminal attorney, call on Norman McKellar. You will not be disappointed.”

“Mr. McKellar is one of the best attorneys I have encountered. He will go the extra mile for his clients and follow up on any area of need. His knowledge of the law is unprecedented and maintains many valuable resources to help his clients. If you want the best then this is the attorney for you. I cannot imagine a better attorney.”

“Finding myself in a situation I never thought I would be in; I am so thankful to have Norm and his team on my side. He counseled me as to what the law states and what my options were. I have been treated with care and respect, and I fully trust Norm in his ability and knowledge to best represent my interest. Norm does not come to work to be seen, he comes to work to obtain the best possible outcomes for his clients. For anyone finding themselves with a need to obtain counsel I whole-heartedly recommend Norman D. McKellar and The McKellar Law Firm.”

“Mr. McKellar assisted my young-adult daughter with a legal matter that could have been a long-lasting impediment to her future. He is a father himself, and I felt immediately sure that my daughter had an advocate who understood not just the legal issues, but the personal implications as well. He was able to help her get the charges dismissed and expunged–an outcome that exceeded even our hopes. I could not be more pleased with the professional and personal attention he gave to my daughter’s case.”

“Norman did a very good job representing me and was able to negotiate a very favorable outcome for me. Offered me very good counsel and enabled me to have a voice in the decision of the direction of the case. Was very straight forward and honest and did not sugar coat things or pressure me to go forward with something I was uncomfortable with. It was a pleasure to work with Mr. McKellar.”

“Mr. McKellar did what he said he would do from the moment we established the client agreement right through to the end of the case. I was kept informed of the progress of his work and my requests were always handled promptly and completely. Mr. McKellar is very professional and was very straight forward in explaining the choices and in setting expectations. During the hearing, he set my family at ease which helped us tremendously in getting through a tense day. If a need arises, I will call him first.”

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