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When must motor vehicles yield to pedestrians in Tennessee?

People in Tennessee use many different modes of transportation to get to their destinations. Some are more convenient than others and some will get people to their destinations quicker than others. However, the most basic mode of transportation is using one’s legs to walk to their destination. Even if it just for part of their journey many people walk to get to stores, get to work, go to parks, see family and friends and for other reasons.

For the most part people are able to walk on sidewalks or other places designated for pedestrians, but at some point in time, people will have to cross streets. This means that they have to be able to co-exist on the roads with the various motor vehicles that use the roads.

To help assist in making this work, there are many laws regarding when and where pedestrians should cross the streets and when cars must yield to them. Pedestrians need to follow the street lights and other traffic control devices. However, when they are allowed to cross the roads by these devices, they have the right of way and cars must yield to them as long as they are crossing at an intersection.

Not all cars follow these laws though, and accidents occur. These accidents are oftentimes very devastating for the pedestrian due to the size difference between cars and humans. Pedestrians can suffer catastrophic injuries that can change their life for a long period of time.

Most drivers in Tennessee follow the laws and pay attention to avoid hitting pedestrians, but this is not always the case. Auto-pedestrian accidents do occur, and many pedestrians suffer severe injuries as a result. These injuries can be very costly for the victims. The driver who hit the pedestrian may be required to compensate the victim for their injuries under certain circumstances. This compensation can pay for the medical bills, lost income and other damages, which can be very valuable for the victim. It is important for one to understand their rights, and experienced attorneys may help ensure one pursues the proper compensation.

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