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State Crimes

Seeking Counsel That Will Go To Work Defending You

Mr. McKellar has been selected as a member of “America’s Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys” in 2019.

If you’re facing criminal charges in Tennessee or are under investigation for violating state law, your decision regarding legal representation will be an important one. The person you choose to stand by you at trial needs to be ready and willing to fight for you and your rights. But more importantly, he or she must be qualified to do so.

When you hire a lawyer from our firm, McKellar & Easter, Attorneys at Law, you can rest assured you’re getting quality representation that is willing to do what needs to be done in order to protect your rights. We have won motion hearings, preliminary hearing and jury trials as well as obtained favorable sentences for our clients.

Facing Criminal Charges In Tennessee

When it comes to defending your rights and protecting your future freedoms, trust the attorneys at McKellar & Easter, Attorneys at Law. Our firm has a reputation for being aggressive and hardworking when needed and doing what is in our clients’ best interests every time.

We handle a variety of state and federal crimes, including:

What To Do After Being Charged With A State Crime

The first and most important thing to do after being charged with a state crime is to stay calm. We understand how frightening a criminal charge can be and how damaging it can be to your reputation; but remember, you have rights and you’re allowed to protect them.

When you retain the services of one of our criminal defense attorneys, we will put our skill and legal knowledge to work for you right away. We gather evidence and review all the facts before presenting you with options that make sense and are in your best interests. We cut through the legalese to help you understand your next steps and get to a resolution you will be happy with.

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