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DoJ free to investigate Wells Fargo employees, but will it?

From news sources to social media outlets, the entire nation seems abuzz about the recent announcement made by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau earlier this month, which indicated it would fine Wells Fargo $100 million. The announcement came after confirming reports that some of the financial institution's employees had "opened accounts and shifted funds from consumers' existing accounts into [...] new accounts without their knowledge or permission."

Hawaii Business Man Sentenced to Almost 4 Years for Tax Fraud

Most of us would probably be perfectly content settling down in the famous Aloha state and collecting revenue from 3 successful businesses. Mr. Albert Hee, however, an apparently successful business owner and family man, was not so content in Hawaii. Hee mastered what he thought was a foolproof way to live financially unrestrained by failing to truthfully report his business and personal income for ten years and naturally, no taxes were paid on said income. Mr. Hee intentionally interfered with the IRS in the calculation and collection of his taxes during this time according to a final court ruling, (United States of America vs. Albert Hee, Hawaii,). What turned out to be fully taxable earnings from his businesses allowed for quite a lavish and carefree lifestyle for him and his family.

East Tennessee Resident Receives 16 years for Carjacking and Violation of Hobbs Act

A Loudon County Tennessee resident charged with violating the Hobbs Act and Carjacking recently received a 16-year sentence due to crimes committed early last year, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office

Court Rules that Consensual BDSM Sexual Activity is Not Protected by the Constitution

Does the Constitution protect your right to engage in a consensual BDSM sexual relationship?  One may be surprised to learn according to a new court ruling out of Virginia, Doe v. Rector and Visitors of George Mason University, the answer is NO.  Ironically, Virginia often uses the tagline "Virginia is for lovers," but apparently not for lovers of BDSM relationships. 

2 Florida Brothers Sentenced to 84 Months in Prison for Illegal Bath Salt Distribution

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office, two Florida brothers, Michael Loren Sheaffer, 35, of Pinellas Park, Florida and Matthew Shawn Sheaffer, 35, of Holiday, Florida were convicted of possessing and distributing a controlled substance known as "bath salts" and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Both brothers were sentenced on January 27, 2016, by the Honorable J. Ronnie Greer, U.S. District Court Judge in Greeneville, Tennessee, to serve 84 months each in federal prison. 

New Law Limits Passports for Tax Delinquents

The U.S. government will soon be able to revoke passports from those who haven't paid their taxes, and prevent those who are delinquent from obtaining a new one. Congress will implement this new law in December, targeting those who owe $50,000 or more in unpaid taxes. There are some exceptions, however, for Americans travelling for humanitarian purposes or those who are on an IRS payment plan or currently contesting a tax case in court. 

Clinton, Tennessee Man to Serve 144 Months for Child Pornography

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office, Clinton, Tennessee native Dakota Destry Weaver was recently convicted of receipt and possession of child pornography following an investigation by U.S. Homeland Security Investigations and Knoxville Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. 

Tennessee Man Convicted in Connection with Major Synthetic Drug Conspiracy

Synthetic drug a-PVP (alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone), known on the street as "gravel" or "flakka," and described by users as "meth on steroids," has been the center of a recent investigation in northeast Tennessee, southwest Virginia and western North Carolina. 

Burning Man not amused by Quizno's Commercial

Burning Man is known to many as an event enjoyed by peaceful hippies. However, after a commercial aired by the sandwich business Quizno's, Burning Man's legal team is stepping out of their peace zone with the threat of a lawsuit. The commercial, aired shortly after this year's Burning Man, shows characters from a sci-fi film called "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" being sent to Burning Man as though it were one of the trials. While Burning Man doesn't mind being made fun of, it refuses to make peace with alleged theft of intellectual property. 

Hypnosis: A Party Trick Becomes a Crime

Many people have been hypnotized as part of a show or party trick. Others claim that hypnosis has aided them in sleeping, dieting, and even stopping smoking. Some people don't trust hypnosis and may not have a clear idea of what it is. No matter your personal stance on it, the modern understanding is that hypnotism is real, but isn't a form of ultra mind control that television and films make it seem.

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